Commanders, we have decided to the Immutable network to provide a better gaming experience.
Experience ‘ZOIDS WILD ARENA‘ in the new environment right now!
How to use Immutable passport

Immutable X and zkEVM NFT Marketplace

We decided to use immutable x marketplace to provide a smooth and fast service.


  • ZOIDS WILD ARENA uses Immutable zkEVM
  • To use blockchain services, you must use an Immutable Passport account
  • Create an Immutable Passport account and link it with your ZOIDS WILD ARENA account
  • Please note that the ZOIDS WILD ARENA account connected to the Immutable Passport cannot be canceled
  • Minting/De-Minting functions are opened on the ZOIDS WILD ARENA WEB3 page
  • The WEB store and Withdraw function do not apply to this update, and we will inform you later
  • To commemorate the application of the new network, all costs (including gas fees) for minting and deminting are provided free of charge
  • NFT trading is possible through Token Trove